DARTPAK: The 'BuildMopar' Cooperative Car Build

In the modern age of late-model engine conversions, the HEMI is one of a few domestic platforms based on its racing heritage. Before the third generation was born, the HEMI made its name infamous by powering some serious race cars throughout its second generation. Mopar and FCA are working to relive the glory days. In this author’s opinion, Mopar is making the third generation HEMI faster and more universal than its competitors, like the Coyote 5.0 or the LS platforms.

There are a few companies working to expand the HEMI aftermarket. BuildMopar’s Cooperative Car Build is a partnership project consisting of many of these brave companies. These businesses have chosen to use an interactive technique to select the finest aftermarket options available for their project. With this level of cooperation – a legend will be born. Introducing the DARTPAK.

What is the Cooperative Car Build Project?

The DARTPAK will be build around a marketing concept created in collaboration between ReadyChassis and HEMIpages. It allows enthusiasts to vote on the parts and brands that will be a part of a new race car. The car is voted on in sections. This means that the engine had its own poll, the transmission had its own poll, etc. And even though many major parts have been voted on – the polls are far from over. The team behind the project wants the masses to choose their favorite name brands. After the polls are closed on each category, BuildMopar publishes the results. 

The project was created mainly to highlight the enthusiast’s preference for aftermarket car parts. There is much controversy over the best modifications to make. For example, the endless argument about turbos versus superchargers. In the end result of that poll, the fans picked a supercharger over a turbo for this application. The team said they “surely would have expected the turbo to overcome the supercharger option as a power adder, but the people baffled us with their choice.” Other examples such as color choice and engine choice surprised the population.

ReadyChassis has taken the lead on the project creation. After each significant step was defined in their standard chassis build process, BuildMopar sent emails to CEOs and engineers in the aftermarket to request their nominations. Those nominations became choices at each stage of the build. After the votes came in, the top voted component was added to a modular list. That modular list is intended to be available soon – so that people can build the car themselves. However, ReadyChassis provides a 1968 Dart as an option and they plan to have a BuildMopar package when the votes are over

The team is made of aftermarket vendors and media coverage assets. ReadyChassis Racing and Tamraz’s Parts are both major sponsors of the project. Several other top brands in the industry have also provided useful information about their products. There is competition in every category. Each company is trying to prove why their components are better than the rivals in the polls. With each new vote, comes an entire set of interviews and podcasts; reflecting how certain aftermarket parts provide greater benefits than others.

The DARTPAK project’s team is the structure behind it all. While the voters cast their preference on their favorable options, the board team works to establish how people will be able to cast their ballot. They’re providing press and a variety of displays to encourage the voters to weigh the options for each voting round. After each poll closes, they’ve updated and confirmed the winner for each round. Needless to say, they’re working hard for us enthusiasts. There are a few noteworthy features coming from some of the sponsors.


ReadyChassis is the company that will be building the DARTPAK, but they’ve sourced the sheet metal for the car from Tamraz’s Parts. The car that ReadyChassis begins with is likely to have bad metal in certain places, and Tamraz’s Parts will be covering the job. Tamraz is a distributor that sells classic restoration car parts. That means they’ll provide ReadyChassis with the correct patch panels, fenders, interior parts, glass, and weatherstrip. So far, they’ve also provided help in searching for the Dart body.

Tamraz’s has been producing emails to help spread the word about the DARTPAK. If you want to get emails on when the last couple of polls open, you can sign up for their newsletter by casting your vote and entering your correct email. You can do that here.

HemiPages has also been helping to provide coverage, by interviewing some of the aftermarket manufacturing businesses. HemiPages devoted time to Whipple Superchargers and Holley to get a better understanding of the engine and power adder logistics. They’ve also continued to spread the word about DARTPAK and BuildMopar via their social media sources. You can check out their Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the Build Mopar Car Build, or other aspects of the Mopar aftermarket.


The car that was chosen out of four Super Stock options was a 1968 Dodge Dart. BuildMopar informed enthusiasts that the car chosen would be outfitted with a Gen3 HEMI. It makes sense in a year when the new Dragpak is being released. That’s where the parody of the name came from. Besides, it also fits on a license plate.

The DARTPAK build will commence soon, according to the team. The aftermarket vendors involved in the project have decided where and when the car will be raced. They suggested two series of events will best suit the Dart. The most notable of which is the 2021 Modern Street HEMI Shootout. Both events are achievable if the project stays on track.

It’s quite exciting. The project has created a lot of commotion within the aftermarket and racing community. As the voting continues, BuildMopar promises to keep us all updated on their Cooperative Car Build. Soon enough, the DARTPAK will be alive. 

You can still change how the car comes to life. 

Go vote and stay up to date at BuildMopar.com.

SOURCE: StreetMuscle.com

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