Introducing Project Outlaw: Our Charger LX 4PAK Powerhouse

Project Outlaw Charger LX

Welcome To The Sedan That We Designed For The Common Man 

Unfortunately, the production era for modern gasoline only muscle cars is coming to a close. And Dodge - America’s wild child - is finally putting an end cap on the production of its Charger and Challenger platform in 2023. Despite the relaunch of the Direct Connection aftermarket program (which is really great) offers products that come at a cost that are far too high for the ordinary customer. A middle ground grass roots movement is needed to keep the sport of drag racing, and its recently legendary Mopar foothold alive.


Understanding the economy’s current situation is relevant, even for us as car guys. Dodge cut off their Charger and Challenger program with the intent to meet renovated EPA regulations for 2024. There’s plenty of content on the internet about the specific details of these regulations. Its mostly following the now infamous BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) movement that was started by Elon Musk, and perpetuated by tens of Billions of international monies that were spent to develop them over the last decade.

Wanna get started building your FOURPAK? All you need is a used 2005-2023  Dodge Charger LX Chassis, a driveline that can power it, and we can handle the rest. Anything from the new Hurricane motor, to an old 440 works.

Dodge Charger LX FOURPAK Rolling Chassis Conversion

Last year brought along the relaunch of the Direct Connection program - which hadn’t seen action since the late 80s. Mopar’s nationwide web of dealerships incorporated the Power Brokers program in their service department. This program allows customers to purchase performance parts that originate in the aftermarket directly from Mopar. They even included selling some of their remaining BIWs (Body in White, a term used for an unpainted and stripped chassis). The leading issue is that the Power Brokers program requires you to forward some serious investment. For example, the 2021 Drag Pak Rolling Chassis is a whopping $89,999 MSRP. For reference, the 2018 Demon was fully-loaded and sold at $80,000 MSRP. Even worse, we were all duped into thinking that this roller would cost around $7,995 MSRP. This price was more of a "white" lie because of the current cost of the Challenger shell. If you want anything more than that, you’re certainly paying more.

There is an advantage to ridiculous prices, however. It gave us a reason to seek something cheaper. At ReadyChassis, we want a racecar that applies realistically to the average income bracket. We also understand the importance of investment. Most of you already have a powerful drivetrain, or you know precisely what drivetrain you intend to use. With cash in a crunch for many people’s budgets and a mission to provide for the ordinary person, we’ve set out to do something different. 

Before beginning production or design, we sourced some well-done work from the community to see how others have made use of their Chargers for the racing world. 

This car belongs to an avid racer who converted his Hellcat into a full-blown monster. This driver removed the seats from his vehicle and put other components in place, like a nitrous bottle bracket and chassis bracing. We looked intensely at his interior work to acquire dimensional awareness in an active use case. We wanted to see what worked for this driver and what didn’t.


There are a lot of four-door racers that churn out impressive numbers on the strip, and we appreciate their innovation. While the big Corpo guys are charging a large dime for their Drag Pak, ReadyChassis has devised an affordable solution for going fast. The Charger LX chassis is an underdog in the muscle car market, with the same engine platform as the Challenger. The FOURPAK constitutes Drag Pak tech in the architecture of a sedan. This race-ready sedan is a stunning fabrication of market demand and user compatibility.

Here’s where technicality is essential. Remember that Dodge is listing the bare minimum shell for their core at $7,995. This car comes without a VIN or title, meaning that it is strictly for off-road use. We select undamaged, rust-free cores from the used car market to build our race cars. Our supply ranges from 2011-2021 Charger Cores. We also only select from SE, SXT, and RT models, because we know they’re plentiful and don’t hold high value like the Hellcats do. Our core prices start around $2k making the overall price of our race-ready rollers lower too.

Our development expanded when we made a realization in our market research. Everyone has a different taste and dedication to the sport. Some of us are casual weekend warriors, while others are all business. So we constructed levels to match yours. The FOURPAK comes in both Ready-2-Roll and Ready-2-Rock setups. The Ready-2-Roll lets a racer bring over a short collection of their equipment, whereas the Ready-2-Rock provides you with those options. Check out the list below to see the difference.


The dominant purpose here at ReadyChassis is devotion to modularization. Our approach to selling a racecar began with the concept of treating the car as a system of kits. We know that compatibility with the car’s different components is crucial to its function. Miscommunication is failure - and failure is unwelcome in our rolling chassis. To keep from miscommunication - we’ve laid out the recipe of the FOURPAK, so you know what you’re getting. 

Chassis and Safety Specs:

  • 7.50 ET certified Chromoly roll cage
  • Racetech lightweight FIA-certified seats
  • SFI & FIA approved safety harnesses
  • Window net and driveshaft loop
  • Cross-form parachute & integrated mount


    • Modified K-Member for easy oil pan removal
    • Custom BILSTEIN double-adjustable coil overs
    • Manual steering rack (15:1 ratio)
  • REAR
    • Four-Link Rear Suspension with Wishbone
    • Exact geometry for consistent performance
    • Bilstein double-adjustable coil overs
    • Drag Race Anti-roll bar
    • Strange Engineering axle kit
    • 9” Aluminum center section
    • 40 Spline gun-drilled “Hy-Tuf” axles
    • Various options for final drive ratio
    • Race Aluminum 4” diameter prop shaft
    • Spicer 1350 u-joints & Hardware
    • 15” Strange Engineering front & rear brakes


    • Front: Bogart racing 17X4.5 aluminum
    • Rear: Bogart racing 15X10 aluminum
    • Front: MTT-ET Front 27.5X4.0-17
    • Rear: MTT-ET Drag Radial 30.0X9x15


  • 3 Gal Fuel Cell & Lines
  • Hotwire Wire Looms & Bulkhead


  • Pro-glass Windshield & Windows
  • Line lock & brake pressure switch
  • Holley Dominator EFI & 7” Digital Dash
  • Racepak Smartwire PDM

Ready-2-Rock Options

  • ATI Ultra Case TH400 & Mounts
  • WELD Beadlock Lightweight Wheels
  • SRT Race Exhaust by American Racing Headers
  • Intercooler & Ice Tank
  • Rage Wraps - FOURPAK Wrap


  • Molded Plastic Rear Seat
  • Molded Plastic Passenger Seat
  • Factory Dash Pad
  • Factory Automatic Shifter Placement
  • Original Battery Placement