About Us

Ready Chassis is a Full-Service Auto Restoration Facility located on the western edge of Naperville, Illinois.

We specialize in the architecture, design and build of specialty vintage and modern cars designed for NMCA, Sportsman NHRA and IHRA Class racing and bracket racing. We do occasionally also take on select custom restorations, although we specialize (or are interested in) rare and special racing legend replicas; the most well known cars and the drivers who competed in AA/FX, Prototype, and Super Stock classes of the late 60’s and early 1970's.

Our cars are delivered 'driveline-ready' or as turn key cars, with models that mimic the modern DragPak and Vintage Mopar Super Stock automobiles, with a focus on creating accurate reproductions.

Today we offer a rolling chassis recreation of the 2015 345 and 426 factory stock (and factory supercar NMCA series) DragPak's as well as 1964-73 Dodge and Plymouth made Super Stock cars. All of our work is performed in house, allowing us to assure quality so that you can have a great overall racing experience.

We are the architecture, designer, and builder of specialty door cars for drag racing.

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