We design and build specialty cars for NHRA and IHRA competitive drag racers. Our fabrication facility is located on the western edge of Naperville, Illinois. Almost all of our work is performed in-house, ensuring quality to have a great, affordable and satisfying drag racing experience.

We are working to become the a leader in 'door car' market, providing modularized kits and racing support equipment designed to get you to the track and then to the finish line, safer, faster and more cost effectively. Our customers have dubbed our products as 'racetorations' that from classic models that mimic that parts bin and technology from winners in Factory Stock and Experimental. 

Our cars come are handpicked classic or modern bodies and are often delivered 'driveline-ready' or as turn-key 'ready to race'.

Got Questions? Give us a ring at 833-GOT-HEMI

Although we are focused on Mopars, we do also develop and build Fox Chassis and SN95 Mustangs, and some select GM models.

The Management Team

Chuck & Matt 



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