Learn about our Ready Chassis Rollers, Conversions or Follow our published instructions and build your own!

Ready Chassis is a full-service race car chassis builder. We've been manufacturing, restoring and building, modular-designed kits since 2001. We also retail parts and components from major performance brands.

Ready Chassis builds finished engine-ready car chassis  'racetorations' from the used cores of several lines of vehicles, including:


  FKSNDKT Volare Kit Car

FKSNDKT Volare Wagon Kit Conversion

The word 'Chassis' represents the skeleton of a motor vehicle consisting of a steel frame supported on springs that holds the body and the powertrain (engine, transmission) Pronounces chassis CHASS-ee (singular) and CHASS-eez (plural). Chassis comes from the Latin capsa, meaning box.

Our ReadyChassis models are delivered with universal mounting brackets for use with 4-link coil-over suspensions, Ladder bar Coil Over and even IRS suspensions. An enlarged transmission tunnel and adjustable tail shaft mounting brackets cooperate with several generations of automatics including TH400, 727 Torqueflite, Cope 518 Hellaphant Transmission, and Manual shift TREMEC 5-speed and T-56 6-speeds, as well as the A5 Nag1 and 8HP90 A8-speed automatic transmissions.

Our 'TRAKPAK' LC Conversion

Our first model, the M1 TRAKPAK, is designed to give you a Rolling Chassis builder that is like nothing else on the market? Want to go Dragpak fast in sportsman class? Want to keep from cutting up your Dodge Demon and find a place to experiment with aftermarket parts?

Check out this model as a roller in various colors, built for 7.50's and ready for your engine, transmission, convertor and 3rd member.

Built from used high-quality hand-selected 2010-2019 LC and LX Chassis Cars - including SXT, SE, and R/T Cores.

Our FOURPAK LX Body Conversion

Project FourPak based on 15-20 Charger
Get your Modern car ready for multiple drag racing classes. Our 'Ready-2-Roll'  re-purpose manufacturing process converts any current LC Chassis or any LX into a competition-ready 8.50 chassis, that is ready to accept driveline from a whole collection of popular engine platforms. Our customers love the frame rework and the interior architecture is very similar to that of a typical NMCA ready Supercar.
Our efforts to properly remove weight from the LC and LX Chassis architecture are never-ending, including composite glass and lightweight bracketry, and interior. Our NHRA certified SFI roll cage and chassis stiffening are the only modifications that add significant weight to the chassis core once it's stripped down. Interior gutting, simplified wiring diagrams, and excess frame splicing, and reduced cross-brace help put each car on a diet. Our target weight for the racer is 3,000 lbs without ballast.
YES, Our LC and LX cars CAN be enabled to also run your Factory or Callies Big Block Wedge Engines - putting that old driveline from your other race car to good use!
These are available as Ready-2-Rock Models only at this time. Because of emission regulations, these cars are NOT designed for Passenger Car License Plate street use. You can file for a special plate, but it depends on the state where you reside. Like the factory built race cars, you will receive a ReadyChassis serial number and included paperwork for all the brand parts (With the manufacturers paperwork) that are used in the build.
We currently do not have any LC-based cores available onsite as of April 2021. They typically get sold before we finish them. However, they are VERY easy to locate and purchase. We suggest starting with a basic SE or SXT, or R/T Chassis CopartSearchTempestFacebook Marketplace

Our A-Body 'DARTPAK' Conversion 

Built from carefully selected 1967-1976 Based Hardtop A-Body Chassis

Outfit your vintage A-Body to tear up tarmac in any racing application with our ‘Ready2Roll’ A-Body DARTPAK Rolling Chassis. Our tear down and rebuild process modifies these long-time lightweight legends into the foundation for mountain motor monsters, at the disposal of your own engine, transmission, and rear-end.
The A-Body DARTPAK Chassis is designed for all racing engine platforms, like the iconic LA small blocks and B/RB big blocks, and the mighty G3 (5.7/6.2/6.4L and create engines like the Hellephant and Hellcrate)
In addition, our latest architecture and development around the G3 engine provides a plethora of modern and classic transformations to the car, at any given time. Our rolling chassis is ready for G3 conversions that are kitted together giving you an easier time to get going.
Read about our 'BuildMopar' Cooperative Car Build Project that occurred over the Summer and Fall of 2020. The 1968 Hurst Clone Project, which brings the character of the Hurst Classic together with factory supercar technology.

The 'F-King-Send-kIT' 76-80 F-Body Conversion

Built from select 1976-1980 F-Body Based Cores

Volare based 'FNSNDKT"

Start fresh with the F-King Send-Kit to wrinkle rubber in every shootout you enter with our ‘Ready-2-Roll’ F-Body Rolling Chassis. We convert these unsung heroes into NHRA ready chassis that are ready for almost any engine combination including LA small block, B/RB big block, and G3.

Most of our design modifications allow for late model G3 and Magnum, and vintage powertrain at any given time with the need for further fabrication. 

Mr. 4 Door 1973 Coronet 'SEATSIX' Sedan

A constant hit at Great Lakes Dragway, is the Co-Founder Chuck's personal car. This heavy mean green machine turns 11.63 on a soft tire and has six seat belts. The car has an 8-point bar that allows for the back seat to be used. This coronet was built from mostly used parts and is the most consistent vintage car we've ever built (proven to be less than a .03 variance from track to track between runs with similar DA)

Take a peek using our product showcase #D tour of the car shown below:

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