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Drag racers want the best of everything in their constant pursuit to go faster and beat their competitors to the 1320 stripe. The Ready Chassis Duster Rolling Chassis (DRC) provides a head start. Our cars are dissassembled, blasted, cataloged for original parts, painted and assembled as a roller without wiring. Most people consider this to be a ‘Body-in-white’ unit.


Ready2Rock is made up of our Ready2Roll ‘BIW’ Chassis but, is professionally assembled race car chassis, brakes, and suspension system. Customers then ad the powertrain, rear axle gearset and other finishing details. Many racers choose to complete this build with hand selected parts which this almost finished car into a Killer Engine-Ready combo.


Ready for the full sh’bang? This is the completed car that is Ready-to-Race. The is our Ready2Rock Chassis complete with a hand picked, dyno’d and tested driveline combination. These units are ready to roll into your trailer, be added with fuel and then staged at the track. There are 3 driveline combinations to pick from: Modern H3mi, Small Block and Big Block.

What We Do

We specialize in the architecture, design and build of specialty vintage and current cars designed for NMCA, Sportsman NHRA and IHRA Class racing and bracket racing. We do also take on select custom restorations and specialize in rare and special racing legend replicas,; those who raced in the AA/FX and Super Stock classes of the late 60’s.

Our cars are delivered engine-ready or turn key, with models that mimic the modern and Vintage Mopar-based Super Stock automobiles, with a focus on creating accurate reproductions.

Today we offer a rolling chassis recreation of the 2009, 2011 v-10, and 2015 345 and 426 factory stock Cars, as well as 64-70 Super Stock cars. All of the work is performed in house, allowing us to assure quality so that you can have a great overall racing experience.

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