TRAKPAK LC Chassis Conversions

Take a look at our LC Chassis TRAK PAK conversion.

These care are built from select SE, SXT, and R/T Dodge Challenger models from used market inventory.

At Ready Chassis, we pride ourselves on finding and building our stockpile from the best-used cores we can find on the market. Low Mileage, salt-free cores taken from the dry West and Southern United States climates.

Each car is hand-selected, disassembled, and then converted into killer door slammers, when then get the NHRA approval before going up for sale.

TRAKPAK Challenger

Whenever possible, we acquire our cars in the colors the factory offered - and we target cars that are HIPO colors that look really good on race cars. 

We then disassemble each car, inspect and repair any exterior areas that are in need (scratches, paint chips) and we then wrap the cars in a protective wrap so that they can enter the process to be converted into factory supercars. 

There are two levels of the TRAKPAK that we are offering today:

  • Our TRAKPAK SuperCar 255 - designed for 7.50 ET's / 190 MPH
  • Our TRAKPAK SuperPro - designed for 8.50 ET's / 170 MPH

See below our READY-2-ROCK LC Chassis Shown in High Impact (aka HIPO) color examples:

TRAKPAK LC Ready-2-Rock shown in FC7 PLUM CRAZY
TRAKPAK LC Ready-2-Rock shown in PY4 YELLOW JACKET
TRAKPAK LC Ready-2-Rock shown in FJ5 SUBLIME
TRAKPAK LC Ready-2-Rock shown in EV2 HEMI® ORANGE
TRAKPAK LC Ready-2-Rock shown in QD B5 SURF BLUE


See below our READY-2-ROCK LC Chassis Shown in Standard Color Examples:

White Knuckle
TRAKPAK LC Ready-2-Rock shown in PW7 WHITE KNUCKLE
TRAKPAK LC Ready-2-Rock shown in PR3 TOR RED
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