EDGE CTS2 DASH MOUNT(Comes with CTS and CTS2 adaptors)



Product type: GAUGE POD

Vendor: Edge Products




There's not much point in having a killer programmer or monitor if you can't see it while you're driving. Edge mount pods a the perfect accessory for any Edge CS, CTS, CS2, CTS2, or Insight device. Each Edge mounting pod is going to fit like a glove, making it look like equipment direct from the factory. There are options available for both the dash and the pillar post, so you can decide which location is going to work best for your ride. Also, the pods are paintable, so if you're looking to match your interior to perfection, that's not going to be an issue. So, what are you waiting for, get your Edge device mounted in style, and in view, and get your truck to work.


  • Compatible with CS, CS2, CTS, and CTS2 devices
  • Constructed of durable high quality plastic that won't warp or deform in direct sunlight
  • Designed with vacuum-formed edges for an OE look
  • Ergonomic design that positions the monitor for easy viewing and access
  • Easily installed at home
  • Pods can be painted to match the color of your truck's interior

NOTE: This is a stocking item.

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