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5/8in Bolt Lock Receiver Lock for Class III / IV / V




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Product type: LOCK

Vendor: Bolt Lock

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Receiver Lock - 5/8 in Class III / IV / V Receiver Lock.

  • TYPE: Locking Pin
  • SIZE: 2.5 In
  • DIAMETER: 5/8 In

To use your own key, it must be: (CLAMSHELL) 96-14 F150 or 99-16 F250/F350

This receiver lock from Bolt features a solid zinc core, an automotive-grade cylinder with a patented 6 plate tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping, and a stainless steel lock shutter to help keep out dirt and moisture. They are also equipped with a rugged jacket and cap. Bolt receiver locks are ideal for helping you secure your hitches by conveniently using your ignition key. That means you will not have any extra keys to carry or lose and that you will have the convenience of always having the right key.

NOTE: This is a stocking item. 

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