Manley Pro Series HEMI Crankshaft 191832



Product type: Engine Crankshaft

Vendor: Manley



Crankshaft, 1-Piece Seal, Internal Balance, Forged 4340 Steel, 4.050 in. Stroke, Mopar Hemi V8 Modular

These Manley Pro Series crankshafts can make your short block bulletproof. They feature forged 4340 construction and undergo a multi-step heat-treatment process and are then nitrided for added strength. The crankshafts are stress-relieved, shot-peened, and magnafluxed. The Manley Pro Series crankshafts have micro-polished large .125 in. radius journals, gun-drilled mains, and lightened rod journals for weight reduction. The counterweights are fully profiled and they are designed for internal balancing.

NOTE: This is a special order item

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