MegaSquirt MS3Pro EVO Standalone Engine Management Systems




Product type: Fuel Injection Kit

Vendor: DIY Autotune



DIY AutoTune MegaSquirt MS3Pro EVO standalone engine management systems are scaled up, more capable units due to the shared technology with their big brother, MS3Pro Ultimate.

  • Brand: DIY AutoTune
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: MS3VE-LS58XM
  • Part Type: Engine Management Systems
  • Product Line: DIY AutoTune MegaSquirt MS3Pro EVO Standalone Engine Management Systems
  • UPC: 850005334460
  • Transmission Controller Included: No
  • Drive-By-Wire Capable: No
  • Oxygen Sensor Included: No
  • Display Included: No
  • Handheld Controller Included: No
  • Data Logger: Yes
  • Quantity: Sold as a kit.

Note: For use with 58x reluctor wheels and Multec fuel injectors.

EVO ECUs by AMP EFI do not have peak and hold injector drivers, but they do share some increased I/O, an onboard 4-bar MAP, barometric pressure sensor, and 5 diagnostic LEDs. Whether you're running down the drag strip, the road course, the salt flats, or whatever your racing venue of choice, DIY AutoTune MS3Pro EVO ECUs will deliver winning control.

MS3Pro EVO ECUs feature configurable inputs/outputs:

  • 10 high-impedance injector outputs
  • 8 logic level spark outputs
  • 3 PWM outputs
  • 2 digital outputs
  • 7 analog inputs, plus built-in MAP, Barometer, and internal ECU temperature sensor
  • 3 high-current digital / PWM outputs
  • 3 digital frequency inputs
  • 4 variable reluctor conditioned inputs

MS3Pro EVO standalone systems feature:

  • VE-based tuning
  • Speed density, Alpha-N, MAF-based tuning and blended algorithms
  • Up to 12 sequential saturated fuel injector outputs
  • Up to 12 cylinder sequential support
  • 2D or 3D table views
  • The tuner can toggle between 2D or 3D table views with a single click
  • Individual cylinder fuel and spark trim tables
  • Table switching
  • VVT control (4 channels)
  • Generic wheel decoder allows for support of nearly any standard trigger/aftermarket trigger pattern
  • Supports 50+ specialty OEM and aftermarket ignition systems using factory cam/crank wheels and sensors
  • Support for odd-fire and even-fire engines
  • Capable of controlling even-fire, odd-fire, piston, rotary, and even radial engines
  • Fuel-only mode--disables ignition output features for control of fuel injection only
  • Internal SD card high-speed data logging
  • Traction control multiple strategies
  • E85 flex fuel sensor input
  • Long-term fuel trim--OE-style automatic fuel trim to allow for changes in engine over time
  • High-power time enrichment--allows for richer mixture after extended time in high power
  • Multiple acceleration enrichment strategies
  • Nitrous control strategies
  • 3-step rev limiter with flat shift
  • Trans-brake and bump box control
  • Advanced launch control strategies
  • Pit lane limiter--speed limiter for pit lane, reduces engine power by spark retard/cut or fuel cut; can limit based on VSS or rpm if no VSS input is available
  • Rally-style turbo anti-lag with rotational idle
  • Allows cyclic fuel and spark cut
  • Controls idle valve and configurable outputs for external fuel or air supply
  • Boost control--multiple open and closed loop strategies
  • Idle control--multiple open and closed loop strategies
  • Water and methanol injection
  • Fuel pump control
  • Intelligent knock detection and response--two channels
  • Multiple Engine Protection and fault mode strategies
  • Generous spare I/O for any standard/custom I/O needs
  • Air conditioner control with feed-forward idle-up
  • Cooling fan control--programmable fan on and off activation points; can be configured to run fan with engine running only, or when engine is running and not running
  • Alternator field control/voltage regulation
  • Comprehensive Test Modes
  • CAN Support for I/O expansion--virtually limitless I/O capability
  • CAN Support for third party dash devices
  • Android compatible
  • Self-calibration
  • Fully enabled
  • Redundant signal ground wiring
  • Dual external 5 V ref supplies, individually fused
  • No dark current
  • Field upgradeable firmware

NOTE: This is a special order item, and is normally shipped directly from the manufacturer / Supplier. Expect ONE MONTH for shipping.

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