1977 Volare Core - HL45D7 Wagon Super Six Core



Product type: Chassis Core

Vendor: ReadyChassis



This is one of our research cars (donkey) that will be available as a finished roller. The core pictured is not the finished product. This is a CORE. (although it is a nice running driving car)

Here is the car as we have the car today:

  • 1977 VIN HL45D7
  • The current car is its factory color is RF3 Mint Green
  • Green Bench Interior
  • 225 Slant Six 2BBL Super Six
  • Automatic 904
  • Air Conditioning
  • Power Brakes 
  • Power Steering
  • Fresh Brakes
  • Newer Exhaust (Flowmaster single)

The is one of the cleanest Slant Six wagons we've ever place our hands-on. This car is currently a project car and will be for sale in the future as a finished product (post-2021 season) - Until then it's for sale as-is, for anyone who might like it.

These Ready Chassis "F-King-Send-it" cars are set up as small block, big block, and Gen-3 HEMI 392 Conversions.

This particular wagon will be getting a 360/727/8.75 with Fi-tech conversion in a few months, set up as a bracket test car. It will be available after the 2021 racing season.


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